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Is Daily Sports Betting an Addiction?

Are You Gambling Your Life Away? By Kristi Watts The 700 Club."I could stay there for 2 or 3 days or however long it took for me to lose," said Rick. "I won $6,400 dollars at one casino, stopped at another one and I lost it." Rick Morton was a compulsive gambler. Gambling: Betting Your Life Away [Hope For The Heart ... Statistics on addiction and gambling reveal the negative impacts of gambling addiction. Incidents of bankruptcy, crime, corruption, domestic abuse, destruction of families, and suicide attempts are higher in the lives of those with a gambling addiction than with any other addiction. This new 96-page, Using helpful insights and biblical wisdom, Gambling: Betting Your Life Away, will help you or ... Gambling addiction: Are you betting your life away ...

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For the addict, gambling is more of a mindset than a specific activity (poker, sports betting, etc.); he or she can turn any activity with risks and rewards into a vehicle for gambling. The 10 Best Songs about Gambling and Betting There’s a song for every occasion and that includes your sports bets or poker nights! Check out our list of the best songs with a betting reference. Gambling Losses - Avoid Them & Recover your Betting Losses

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Responsible Gambling - Online Betting - India Guide to Online While one of the perks of gambling for real money is the possibility to win Responsible Gambling | Gambling Addiction Help & Tips Looking for gambling addiction help? We have free useful resources which help those who need advice on gambling addiction.

Betting your life away As a new study reveals that problem gambling is on the increase, Neos Kosmos tells the story of ‘Eleni’ whose gambling addiction almost destroyed her life Mike Sweet

But don't bet your life away! With the transforming work and intervention of the Holy Spirit, freedom from a gambling addiction is possible. This Christian addiction recovery mini-book is easy-to-read and covers signs of the 4 different types of gambling GAMBLING MY LIFE AWAY! – Online Casino